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How To Sync Event Data

If you have an event set up in Eventgroove Events, it’s simple to import your event data to use on products for your event. This includes ticket codes that will sync with our barcode tickets. From your account dropdown, select My Lists & Events. If you don’t see...

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On-Site Badge Printing

As an event organizer, we know you like to plan ahead. But sometimes attendees sign up last minute after you've placed your product order. Our on-site badge printing feature allows you to offer the same quality badges for late-signups as for early birds. When you...

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Storefront analytics and reporting

Find information about specific orders as well as overall stats for your storefront in the Analytics section of your dashboard.  To view analytics from your site, select Overview from the left navigation in your dashboard. At the top, you’ll see a summary of...

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Customize your store branding

Update your store branding so customers have no doubt it's you! Upload your logo, and banner graphic to give your site a custom look and feel. Log into your dashboard, select storefronts, then settings.In the storefront settings, select the branding tab.Upload your...

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White Label vs Private Label…What’s The Difference?

The Gist Basically, White Label means the Eventgroove brand will be minimally present, though your brand will still be the focus. Private Label sites will be completely branded to your brand, with no mention of Eventgroove.The Details There are some specific aspects...

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How to create a custom social media post

Choose from over 600 different templates to create stunning social media posts. Or create your own from scratch! Select a design and customize using our flexible design-your-own tool. You can customize the text, and add images.  TIP: For social media, less is more as...

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How to create a custom merchandise product

Quickly and easily create a completely custom merchandise product–from t-shirts and hoodies to mugs and phone covers. Browse our collection of over 50 different merchandise products and choose which product you want to customize.Select your size and color in the top...

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Add users to your storefront account

Add users to your storefront account so they can help you manage your store, add and remove products, and more. You can set different permissions for different users depending on the level of access they should have to your account.Navigate to Users in the left nav...

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Creating category navigation on your storefront pages

You can customize individual pages within your store, and make it easier for users to navigate by adding category navigation which will appear on the left side of the page. Log in and navigate to the Categories page.Select the store, and the page where you would like...

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