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Exciting Eventgroove Events Dashboard Update!

Planning events on the Eventgroove event management platform just got a whole lot easier! As an event organizer, you’ve got enough on your plate—we’re here to make your job easier. To better support you, we’ve given our event dashboard a major upgrade. Now, whether...

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Stripe Climate Carbon Removal Contribution Update 

Earlier this year, as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we committed 0.5% of revenue to Stripe Climate, 100% of which is then directed by them to fund early-stage carbon capture and help them scale on a global level. In other words, those...

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Four Fun Back-To-School Event Ideas

The back-to-school countdown clock is ticking! Parents, PTAs, school administrators, and teachers are gearing up for the school year ahead. Kids, on the other hand, are still living that summer life. Plan a back-to-school event to reintroduce and engage kids for the...

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Sustainable Events: How to Organize Attendees and Reduce Waste

Creating  sustainable events is kind of like starting a healthy habit—it starts with making a lot of small changes that culminate into one big difference! For example, one step event planners can take is to revise how they manage ticketing and organize attendees....

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Event Ticket Printing + Sustainability

Can event ticket printing be sustainable? As a product, event tickets are printed on paper and shipped hither and yon. Once used, they either end up in someone’s scrap book or in the bin.  The answer to the sustainability question then is…it depends on the...

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7 Mental Health Tips for Event Planners and Professionals

Event planning is exciting, fun, and rewarding. It’s also been identified as one of top 20 most stressful jobs in the United States. It’s not just event planners that fall under that umbrella—there are DJs, caterers, lighting teams, entertainment professionals, and...

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Embrace Hybrid Events

The pandemic disrupted everything. To survive, nonprofits and event organizers swiftly turned to new technologies and pivoted in the form of a variety of virtual events and fundraisers. Now, although in-person events are back on the rise, they’re not necessarily the...

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