It would seem obvious that, if asked what the building blocks of a Raffle Ticket are, the answer would be “paper” and “ink.” If taken literally, this is entirely true: when it comes to printing custom raffle tickets, you just can’t do it without paper and ink!

But if you want to look a little deeper when it comes to Raffle Tickets, if you want to find the real heart of what goes into those numbered, custom printed Raffle Tickets, then look no further than the template!

The Basics

There are Raffle Ticket templates for just about anything you can imagine. You can choose from a variety of options that cover different organizations, different types of raffles, even different themes or holidays. You can also select from all purpose raffle tickets that can be used for any occasion.

From there you’re limited to just a few, oh, few hundred options! Each of the template categories offers a wide variety of styles and layouts, and that’s not even taking into consideration the numerous color options available. There’s virtually no limit to how creative you can get when putting together your Raffle Tickets.

Form and Function

But templates aren’t just limited to design. There are also options when it comes to form. You can choose numbered raffle tickets that also include anti-counterfeit barcodes for added security. Add perforated ticket stubs to make it easy to keep track of all your Raffle Ticket sales. Roll tickets are always a winner, but also consider booklet stapling to help with organization.

Also keep in mind that you’re not limited to one selection per event. Perhaps you can choose different tickets for different prizes. Imagine combining all of them into one, giant, multi-prize raffle. It would be a great way to keep your raffle interesting, as none of the attendees would know which prize would be called next!

So remember, when ordering Raffle Tickets, make sure you have as many template options as possible!