Ready to write your own ticket? Some event promoters are born; others are promoted.

If you fall into the latter category, planning events because it’s your job, rather than your passion, you may find yourself throwing programs together with less and less enthusiasm, and, as a consequence, see your attendance wane. Your guests may simply be bored with the same old party, in which case you won’t be able to give event tickets away.

For instance, consider the case of one after-school program for teens. In a pinch, the organizers would throw together arts and crafts party until every kid in the community was tired of arts and crafts, and indeed, no one wanted a free ticket. Taking this event to the next level breathed new life into it. The arts and crafts party became a Surrealist Soiree.

*  Event “A” Becomes Event “B”: Taking an arts and crafts afterschool program and turning it into something unique, fun, and special started with event tickets. Teens earned tickets to the Surrealist Soiree by completing tasks such as reading a book. An online event ticket template allowed organizers to print surreal tickets that included a puzzle piece: a clue for a game during the upcoming event. Images, such as the melting clocks in surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s painting, The Persistence of Memory become a part of a game where teens matched the clue on their event tickets to the correct painting to earn a prize.

*  Surreal Snacks: It wouldn’t be a party for teens without food. At the Surrealist Soiree, the event tickets were also clues to one of the snacks at the party: Random Cupcakes. Take a basic cupcake to the next level by adding random objects to the top. The teens matched the images on their event tickets with a detail from a cupcake to earn a prize. Or try Picasso punch using ice cube molds of noses, hands, and mouths to create a Cubist beverage.

*  Surreal Games: “Pin the Ear on Van Gogh” is a unique recharge of the popular party game, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” which furthers the surrealist theme of the branded arts and crafts party.

*  Surreal Crafts: Inkblots were a huge success. Using an eyedropper, teens dribbled India ink onto thick paper and folded it to create an inkblot design. The teens then performed the Rorschach test on one another, earning points and prizes for the most surreal and creative descriptions of the inkblot. This continued into mini surrealist poems, or an Exquisite Corpse game, where a piece of paper was passed around and each teen added a line to make a very surreal poem.

*  Event Tickets: Another function for the event tickets can be a raffle at the end of the party. You can print separate raffle tickets online, or just use the numbers on your event ticket stubs. Crown the winners King and Queen of the Surreal with a gift basket of wacky and toys and candies for the prize.

Creating something new and exciting turned an ill-received event into a popular, well-attended one. The custom designed event tickets were easily created and printed, and provided a special air: the event could only be attended by select teens who earned a ticket.

Recharge a tried-and-true event that has run its course: get creative and take that tired event to the next level.