Using Your Event Wristbands for Guerilla Marketing

Sure, it’s sneaky, but that’s the point. When you can get your name, logo, and message under the radar of today’s media-savvy consumer with a tiny and unexpected image, in a tiny and unexpected place, you’ve accomplished more than the most expensive ad campaign often does. Guerilla marketing makes sense and saves money, and your customizable Event Wristbands, used correctly, fill that need for you. Turn a basic security device into a stealth marketing tools for your company or organization. Paying close attention to the quality of the wristbands as well as their design can showcase your company or organization to those who aren’t event attending your event.


In many cases, your guests will wear your Event Wristbands outside your event, particularly if your event span multiple days and they choose to eat something that wasn’t prepared in a convention hall. Remember, if you’ve taken the trouble to create an interesting wristband and branded the festival effectively, some guests will continue to wear that paper bracelet for some days afterward; it becomes a status symbol, signifying that they were there, at the party of the century.

So, you want to be sure to prominently feature your company or organization’s logo, where everyone can see it. Add other pertinent information such as your website and tagline, something that allows the viewing public to learn a little more about your services. Eye-catching colors help make your wristbands noticeable, and the design should be something eye-catching, too, so that passersby and casual observers can’t help but see. Beyond this, your Event Wristbands should be made of a durable, waterproof material, such as DuPont Tyvek, that will withstand the wear and use of those attending your event. Paying mind to these basic principles can directly affect the success of this built-in advertising.

At Your Event

If you offer multiple layers of access at your event, color-coded wristbands become instant status symbols. While you’re keeping your event secure and organized, you’re also offering subtle suggestions to the crowd that they could be experiencing more: special events and extra perks, available for just a little more money. Offer the ability to upgrade at any time, or just remind people to plan ahead they can be VIPs next year. If a certain colored wristband offers access to private parties, VIP lounges, better food, or meet and greets with featured speakers or artists, it’s easy for your staff to see who belongs where, and it’s easy for your guests to see who’s getting the celebrity treatment. If it’s a corporate event, those special wristbands may motivate some staff to work harder in the hopes of achieving more privileges next year.


Durable Event Wristbands provide extra publicity for multi-day events. Your participants will wear them for the duration of the event, advertising your organization to everyone who sets foot near that venue. Many guests will probably leave the venue, if only to get some better coffee or pick up some necessities at the drug store, providing you with extra exposure. When the public begins to see many people wearing these colorful paper bracelets around town, they’re bound to ask what’s going on. Remember, for stealth marketing, the most successful wristbands will be those with eye-catching colors and designs. For high-profile and trendy events, your wristbands may turn into instantly recognizable symbols, identifying who was there, and encouraging those who weren’t to buy tickets for your next event.

For added exposure, give your guests a reason to step outside the event. Partner with local businesses to offer coupons in conjunction with the event that tempt people to spend a little more, or, negotiate with these businesses to let the wristband itself serve as the coupon. Provide a list of shops where flashing that bracelet gets them a discount. Another way to leverage to power of the Event Wristband is to organize a march, vigil, or other outdoor activity. When confronted with masses of folks, all wearing the same colorful wristband, the locals will start asking questions, and your marketing efforts start to pay off.

Wristbands are Better than Tickets

Tickets are silent. Once the stub is torn away, the ticket ends up in a pocket, only to be removed if there is a dispute over seating, or if your guest enjoyed your event so much they decide to display the stub on a mirror, cork board, or refrigerator. Do you want to restrict the viewing of your great design work to the person collecting tickets? Customized, Event Wristbands provide valuable, subtle exposure for your business, event, or organization: an instant and functional guerrilla marketing tool.

Consider quality, custom-designed Event Wristbands for your company or organization’s next event in addition to, or in place of tickets. They help with organization and security, and provide an inherent marketing tool while showcasing the status of individuals within your company or organization. This will make the event efficient and navigable to guests who desire to network with others in their field, or who share their interests. Event wristbands make your next event special, with the added bonus of marketability.