There are a wide variety of options with regard to holding a traditional raffle. Most raffles are the focus of a larger event, which can run the gamut from a simple backyard barbecue to a luxurious gala in a swanky ballroom.

Then you have the wide variety of charities to choose from, be it something close to home like a local school, something national like the many medical research groups, or even something global, like many of the foreign aid programs. The scope of your charity is completely up to you.

Finally, there’s the raffle prize itself. Be it multiple items or a single item, prizes that are specific in nature or allow the winner some choice, expensive gifts or practical items, there are limitless possibilities when choosing what to raffle off.

Each of these decisions determines the specifics of your raffle event. But what about changing the raffle itself?

When Tickets Are Bad

So what is a reverse raffle?

Well, at your event, you give out Raffle Tickets – for free! What’s the catch, and how do you possibly make any money on a raffle where you give out free tickets? Well, the prize is something that people don’t want, so they pay you to take the ticket back!

Now, given that not everyone shares the same taste in prizes, you might want to consider something embarrassing for the winner. Perhaps they have to wear a costume and do a dance in front of everyone at the event, or perhaps they have to sing an embarrassing song. Generally, something along those lines will guarantee that most of the attendees will be eager to pay you to take their tickets.

You can also increase the amount of money you bring in if you increase how much each attendee has to pay to get rid of their tickets as the number of tickets in the drawing reduces. People will gladly pay more once they realize how great their chances of winning are!