If you’re printing your own Raffle Tickets with us, we can take some of the guesswork out of your job. When you order from Eventgroove, there are some things you’ll never have to worry about. You’ll never wonder when your tickets are going to show up, or whether they’ll look the way they did in the proof. You’ll never wonder whether you’ve spent too much. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we promise fast, affordable, professional printing on every order.

If you’re planning a fundraising Raffle, you’re still thinking about the details: Where will you find benefactors to donate prizes? Who’s going to hit the streets to sell all those tickets? How many people will actually buy them? Of course, you need to consider these questions, but you don’t need to worry too much. From experience, we can tell you, everything will be all right. We’ve helped contribute to the success of thousands of great Raffles, so we know a thing or two about it.

How can we be so sure?

Because Raffle Tickets have their own special draw: the draw of hope and possibility and heightened expectations.

After helping thousands of customers harvest the financial cherries of a well-organized prize draw, we know why our customers—and yours—will keep coming back for more.

Hope springs eternal.

Charity Raffles, like any kind of contest, play on the human desire to beat the odds, to triumph with nothing but a little luck. When you sell Raffle Tickets, you are not just selling chances at winning a prize, or even an opportunity to help a worthy organization. You’re selling hope. You’re selling the possibility of catching the brass ring, the dream of success, a chance to hold a little magic in the hand. Raffle Tickets represent the option of triumph over the unknown.

This is not just hyperbole. Consider the lottery. The odds of winning are often one in millions, and yet people buy these tickets based on the slimmest hope that an extremely improbably occurrence will make their dreams come true. People spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on this hope.

The odds of a single ticket winning your Raffle are likely much, much better. So, when your patrons lay down a few dollars just to take a chance, you are shaping a beautiful dream: a new car, a fantasy vacation, a cash jackpot. They may walk away empty-handed after you’ve drawn the winners, but before that time, they’re walking around with a lovely golden glow: hope.

So hold your own Raffle with your head held high. You’re not just planning a fundraiser for a worthy cause. You’re not just raffling off some nice prizes. You’re providing the fuel for the human imagination. The possibility of something better is the driving force in human history. You can harness that hope! So print your Raffle Tickets with pride and the knowledge that your prize draw makes the world a better, more hopeful place.