Food-lovers are an ample and diverse crowd with diverse dietary needs. There are vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, carnivores, those needing gluten-free foods, Paleolithic, or kosher diets. Some people are allergic to dairy, while others will only eat cruelty-free animal products, raw foods, or grass-fed beef. This summer, millions of people with a common interest in food and radically different tastes will flock to food festivals all over the country. Customized, color-coded wristbands can increase the efficiency and safety of your event.

All you need to do is determine which categories of dietary restrictions are most likely to be represented at your event, then be sure that your vendors tag their offerings with the same visual color-code as your Event Wristbands. Here’s how.

* Decide on Your Color-Coding: Once you’ve settled on your categories, assign each one a color. For instance, you may choose red for meat-eaters, green for vegans, and so forth. Be sure to consider ease of use for the staff and participants at the festival. You should distribute the coded list that corresponds to color and significant to vendors and staff in advance, so they can become familiar with it. Be sure to print out extra wristbands, so that vendors can attach the correct colors to sample dishes or menus, allowing your guests to know at a glance if the food is right for them.

* Have Fun with the Design: For each wristband, in addition to the color-coding, you may also include a graphic that shows the wearer’s dietary needs. For a vegan, you may include a graphic of fresh veggies, while a vegetarian who eats dairy may have the veggies with an egg. Meat-eaters’ wristband may have an animal, and so forth. Have fun with his aspect of the design and your Event Wristbands, with some simple printing, become engaging to the wearer. Most people are proud of their dietary choices and consider them part of their identity, so a meat-eater may proudly display a bracelet with a cow on it, while the vegan will be equally happy to show off their carrot design, providing your festival more free publicity.

* The 21 and Over Crowd: No matter what you decide upon for your final design, if you will serve alcoholic beverages, you need a fast way of identifying whether the wearer is 21 years of age or over. Something as simple as a square that may be stamped or checked on the wristband can show alcohol vendors that the wearer is of legal age, proving that they were carded upon entrance into the event. Or, you can distribute a second wristband with a radically different design and color for easy identification.

* Keep It Simple: A multi-level system of Event Wristbands works best when it is simple, allowing vendors and staff to identify distinctions at a glance. Imagine how grateful a vegan will be if someone is able to shout, “Hey, do you really want to eat that? It’s fried in lard!” upon glimpsing the green bracelet around their wrist and the chimichanga in their hand. Fortunately, once you’ve created your color-coded system, it’s easy to order and print your wristbands online. A little bit of advance thought will make your event that much more successful, and your patrons will be grateful. No one will have to quiz busy food-prep workers about ingredients. Nobody will have to stand in line hungry while someone else quizzes busy food-prep workers.

* Adding Advertising: In any case, your Event Wristbands will serve another purpose: advertisement. Adding the logo of your company, sponsor, or organization provides added exposure for the event and the group. People will be wearing your wristband throughout the day and perhaps into the following day. Choose a waterproof DuPont Tyvek wristband, to guard against weather and hand-washing and let that paper bracelet do its work as long as it hangs around. No matter how small the space, don’t forget to add that extra advertisement.

It may seem like a radical idea, but people are more concerned with their diets than ever. Give your guests what they want by color-coding your wristbands for dietary restrictions at your next food festival!