Painting the Town Red

October 23, 2020

While custom raffle tickets are one way of putting a unique signature on your benefit, another great way to draw attention is through posters and flyers. In many ways, posters and flyers are nearly as important as the Raffle Tickets themselves, since they are the first pieces of information a potential attendee sees. Since they are so important, it’s essential to carefully consider how best to use them.

Going Big

There are templates for Raffle Tickets, so it makes sense that there are templates for posters. These templates can range from different colors, to different layouts, and even different themes. The key with choosing which poster template is right for you comes down to how you want to present your event.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you get a sample of your posters before placing a large order. Just like with Raffle Ticket samples, poster samples helps with quality control.

Free Handouts

Most people consider flyers to just be smaller version of their posters. While that’s essentially true in most cases, the intended purpose of flyers is very different.

While posters are meant to generate interest and attract attention, flyers are meant to give out essential information in short bursts. Posters are used to hook possible attendees; flyers are used to bring them in, and to increase your raffle ticket sales. Including information like Raffle Ticket prices and prizes will help generate participation.

All Types

Posters and flyers are an essential part of any raffle, from a reverse raffle to a Chinese raffle, from a house raffle to an internet raffle. Yes, even an internet raffle can benefit from real world, physical posters and flyers, both of which can also be transferred into web sites and e-mails.

In the end, when making your list of all things raffle related in preparation for the big event, make sure to consider what you’ll do for posters and flyers.

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