Creating custom wristbands for your event turns a simple security feature into a great marketing tool both during and after your event. A wristband may appear a small space to work with, but it can be very effective in its inclusion of pertinent marketing information, as well as its inherent visibility.  

You can use wristbands in lieu of event tickets, or in addition to tickets, in which case your guests receive a customized paper bracelet at the door. The design and purposes of your event wristbands are dependent upon the event you are hosting. Different colors can denote different functions: VIP, over 21, plus simple general admission, allowing mobility for your participants as well as added exposure for your brand. Since it is the season of outdoor festival events around the country, let’s use this as our example as to how to best maximize your wristbands’ effectiveness.

*  Your Customizable Wristbands: Custom Wristbands offer effective marketing, advertising your event while also allowing for exceptional organization, so start designing them before you begin selling tickets. If you will serve alcohol or offer VIP admission, color-coding is a quick and simple way to make the event an organized success. Decide on the color coding and choose the text and image that will appear on the wristband. Include the logo for your event, your sponsor’s logo, or an image that can help you brand the celebration. The wristband can also include times, dates, and venue of your event. The inclusion of these pieces of information will instantly act as an advertising tool. People leaving your event will be walking advertisements, evoking curiosity.

*  Waterproof Wristbands: For music festivals or food festivals that continue all day, or over multiple days, you may want to use waterproof wristbands to keep them from discoloring and deteriorating from sweat, weather, and hand-washing. Waterproof materials will also encourage the wearer to continue to wear the wristband after they leave the venue, maximizing your event’s exposure.

*  Custom Printed Wristbands: Perhaps you can use an online template to create your customized wristband and print them as needed. Designing and printing them yourself cuts out the middleman and saves you money. Custom printing also provides event promoter control over the color of the wristbands, the quality (waterproof), and the overall design that will maximize marketing.

*  Research Quality Discount Wristbands: Especially if your event is going to be very large, research where you can design and print quality discount wristbands. Many online vendors can help you to create customized, quality wristbands for a reasonable price, especially if you will be creating these in great volume.

The use of event wristbands can give your event an added marketing edge in its constant visual exposure. They will also keep your event organized through the inclusion of important information and a color-coding system that tells your door staff necessary information about your visitors: whether they are 21 and over, a VIP, or general admission. And don’t forget: a well-designed wristband becomes a fun souvenir for your participants.