Event Wristbands for Event Security

In 2009, the BBC broke the news about fraudulent Event Wristbands being created and circulated throughout various venues in the UK, compromising the event experience of folks who paid for the real thing. This isn’t an isolated incident. Globally, counterfeit tickets and admission bracelets can have a huge impact on revenue, crowd control, and customer satisfaction.

When you’re planning your next big event, you’ll want to ensure that folks who pay for admission make it through the gate and those who would like to get something for nothing are turned away at the door.

One step toward a more secure event is designing custom wristbands and choosing the best security options.

Tyvek® Wristbands


The first step toward adequate security and ensuring authenticity at your event is making the choice to use Tyvek® wristbands. Made from a special paper-like material, these event wristbands are waterproof, durable, and difficult to remove by means that won’t render them void. A strong adhesive ensures that they fit securely to the guest’s wrist and can’t be slipped off.  Once in place your guests cannot remove the wristband and transfer it to another individual. Tyvek® wristbands are sturdy enough to last the duration of the event and beyond, and should only be removed when they are no longer valid.

Secure Features

While Tyvek® Wristbands ensure the non-transferability, special security wristbands offer additional features to help keep your event secure.

The sequential numbering on these wristbands helps you keep track of your guests. You can reduce the risk of counterfeits by choosing your own range for secure numbering. Fraudulent wristbands are unlikely to fit in your range, so this provides an easy way for you to detect an authentic admission wristband from a counterfeit one.

Security wristbands also feature a holographic foil, which is extremely difficult to duplicate. Gate and special event attendants can check for this foil to make sure that certain guests are supposed to be in the venue or not.

Unique Design

Another advantage of DuPont Tyvek® wristbands is that they can come in a variety of colors or be printed with unique designs. Even if your only security measure is to designate specific  colors to certain members of your crowd, you’re making a significant step in increasing the security of your event.

You may, however, choose to print your event wristbands with a unique design. Tyvek® is compatible with inject printing, and once in place, the designs will not smear or rub. When you choose a unique design ahead of time and don’t advertise it openly, the chances of fraudulent admission wristbands appearing at your event are much less likely.

This is one place where the practical importance of security and the fun aspects of creativity can come together. Whether you choose a special logo from your sponsor or you plan to carry the branding of your event through to the wristband, you have the opportunity to create something unique and interesting that your guests can enjoy throughout the event and in the days beyond.

Internal Security


Not only do custom made wristbands help you ensure the authenticity of guests coming through the gate, they allow you to manage the crowd once it’s in the venue. If you have any alcohol on the premises, you’ll want to make sure that no underage drinkers get served. Bar wristbands made of Tyvek® make a scenario like this highly unlikely. The tamperproof design makes it nearly impossible for younger guests to exchange with older ones. Designated drivers can also request special event wristbands that let the bartender know not to serve them.

Colored wristbands can help separate guests by age or eligibility to get into certain restricted areas of the venue, and VIP wristbands allow guests who have paid more extra access to special events.

Added Security is Smart, Simple, and Cost Effective


When dealing with large crowds, it’s important to keep safety in mind. It pays to take simple steps to ensure your event is secure, and the admission wristbands you choose can make all the difference. When you print cheap Tyvek® bracelets online, you could be saving yourself big hassles and money in the long run.