Event Badges at Music Festivals Provide Performers with Instant Identification

When an artist performs at a large music festival, it’s not always guaranteed that everyone will recognize them. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that some people attending the festival will not have even heard of that artist before.

Of course, it’s the same with the event and security staff that are hired to work at the festival. They may or may not recognize a number of the artists that were hired to perform. This creates a lot of room for error in the handling of logistics and management.

Who Did You Say You Were?

Realistically, there’s nothing worse than potentially alienating a performing artist who has drawn a large crowd because one of the hired staff members is unable to appropriately identify them. This can be remedied in a number of ways, however, some being far superior to others.

Here’s Your Sign

One of the easiest and fastest ways on the market right now to identify performing artists and other VIPs at a music festival is to use event badges. There are two different types that can be utilized, depending on what is needed for identification on the badge. The best thing about them is that they will show the event and security staff at the music festival exactly who the performing artist is, which will then dictate how they are to be treated.

VIP Only

A major issue at almost every music festival is VIP access. Most music festivals have it, and everyone who is anyone wants to get in. The performing artists at the festival may or may not want to hobnob with the masses during their down time. And if they do, it’s usually guaranteed that they will want to do it at their own rate, instead of being bombarded by people who liked their set or want an autograph.

Make It Easy on Everyone

Make it easy on yourself and your event and security staff by using event badges. Print VIP event badges that are waterproof and very durable, and ensure instant identification despite bad weather and exceptional wear (who are we kidding; performing artists can be pretty hard on things!). They’re also easy to put on or take off and are designed to be worn with a lanyard or a bulldog clip for versatile use. You can even put the event name or a logo right on the lanyard, making the badge useful and decorative.