Using Quality Wristbands for End-of-School-Year Fun Days

Some schools host an annual Field Day, full of outdoor activities and competition, but when I was in elementary school, our last day of school was called Fun Day. It was a day of games and fun in the schoolyard, and we played Tug-of-War and other classic games. Sometimes classes or grades were pitted against one another, other times we played boys versus girls, or chose our own teams, but most administrators today understand how that can get out of hand. If you want to keep any event organized, the addition of Event Wristbands can be a great boon. You can make your school’s Field Day or Fun Day an organized and successful day of excitement for all involved, with customized, colored wristbands, which provide teachers and kids alike with a visual way of remaining with their given teams.

* Designing the Wristbands: Use the opportunity of using customized, colored wristbands to add some flair to the day! In advance of the big day, you can allow teams to create their own designs, hold an all-school contest to choose everyone’s favorite logo, or use an image you already have on file, such as your school’s icon or mascot. Then, you can print your wristbands online, creating wristbands that define your teams, provide your school with some extra advertising, and serve as souvenirs of the best day ever.

* Getting Students Involved in the Design: Teachers may desire to have their students choose a team name and design their own logo. These can easily be added to the wristband. Just get your kids into their teams and ask them to work together to decide on a name, a color, and a design or logo for their team. Provide them with stickers, stencils, and pictures for inspiration. Animal pictures can really inspire some creative mascots. This activity can set the tone for the whole day of games and fun, fostering a sense of teamwork and creative thinking even before the kids get outside. Remember, durable, waterproof DuPont Tyvek wristbands will really withstand the wear and tear of your active students.

* Activities for Colored Wristbands: In addition to Tug-of-War, other games can also utilize the color-coded wristbands that will keep your teams organized on this fun, yet chaotic, day in the schoolyard. Classic games like tag and a safe, less physical version of Red Rover all will work well with the colored team wristbands, which also make it easy to join smaller groups together to create bigger teams. Try other games like kickball and even fun trivia games that use knowledge learned throughout the school year, and be sure to ask the students for their input. Their ideas may surprise you! Whatever you choose, being able to identify and organize your students based on easily visible wristbands will make transitions fast and simple.

* Turning the Wristbands into Keepsakes: After coming in from the outdoors, teachers may plan arts and crafts activities that use the wristbands from the day. Many parents keep scrapbooks of their children’s activities, so a keepsake will be very much appreciated by the parents. Something as simple as mounting the wristbands on colored construction paper that the kids may decorate would work, or something as complex as turning it into a craft object like a pencil holder can also create a keepsake for students and parents.

Durable quality colored wristbands that are waterproof will stand the test of activity in the schoolyard, as well as the test of time as a keepsake. Keeping large, active school events organized and fun is very important to keeping the day safe, efficient, and fair for all. Colored wristbands are a great way to achieve a successful school event like Fun Day!