Many of us are familiar with American Legion halls as a place where veterans gather and where weddings and other events are held. But did you know all the great work the American Legion has done and continues to do?

Founded by wartime veterans for wartime veterans and their families, the American Legion (AL) has advocated for servicemen and servicewomen, mentored youth, and made a positive difference in communities across the United States for almost a century. Formed in Paris in 1919 and chartered by Congress in September that same year, the American Legion got straight to work on behalf of veterans (they played a pivotal role in drafting and passing the G.I. Bill) and their communities and hasn’t stopped since.

photo via The American Legion 

One of the more important things the AL does is help veterans and their families successfully receive appropriate federal benefits and medical care through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Dealing with the VA is not unlike getting a driver’s license or registering a vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles. As anyone who has ever done anything at the DMV knows, things take forever, processes are rarely clear, and inevitably something gets missed which wastes even more time—unless someone who knows the DMV inside and out and sincerely wants to help you is on your side.

That’s exactly what the AL does…times a million. It actively champions individual veterans as they apply for benefits with the VA. Amedeo Lauria, part of the American Legion Department of Maine – Special Projects (and Eventgroove customer), explained to us that applying to the VA for benefits can be confusing and, due to the process, veterans often wind up not receiving the financial support for medical and family needs they’ve earned. Whether their service ended recently or years ago, veterans can be helped by Service Officers at their local American Legion Post, free of charge.

photo: Clay Lomneth and Lucas Carter via The American Legion  

The AL also focuses on providing help to veterans and their families during times of need as well as for their futures. College scholarship opportunities, and career assistance. To achieve all of that, the AL engages in a variety of fundraising efforts, both nationwide and at the local level.

2019 marks the American Legion’s centennial, and the AL’s 100th National Convention will be held August 24-30 in Minneapolis—the same city in which its first convention was held back in 1919. In celebration of its century of service, ongoing efforts, and to nurture growth within AL post communities, the American Legion is hosting all kinds of events and initiatives across the US.


Among other things, the American Legion Department of Maine is running a 100-year commemorative raffle. The prize? An engraved Henry “Golden Boy” .22LR rifle that can be kitted out to be displayed and also used. Even better than the prize is that all of the money raised will go to veterans through the American Legion.

Amedeo has used Eventgroove before, both as an officer at the American Legion Department of Maine and in a previous position. He made our day when he told us that when it came time to order raffle tickets for the centennial raffle, Eventgroove leapt to mind. He loves that though our prices are affordable, the product looks and feels high-end. Plus, as Amedeo put it, when customizing his raffle ticket, what you see is what you get—what he designed online is exactly what arrived at his office in Maine.


The American Legion Department of Maine’s 100-year commemorative rifle raffle tickets sell for $10 each—the first ticket was purchased by the AL Maine’s Department Commander, Randy Kluj! The rest of the 999 tickets were divided evenly among the 172 posts in Maine, and each is responsible for selling their allotment. To help promote the raffle, the AL of Maine is using Facebook, email blasts, and, of course, hitting the streets to make their $10,000 goal!

We’re absolutely honored to have been the choice of the American Legion of Maine and wholeheartedly support its great work for our veterans and their families. If you’d like the chance to win an engraved Henry “Golden Boy” .22LR rifle and help the cause of our oldest veterans’ organization, call the American Legion Department of Maine at (207) 873-3229.