Recycling Colored Event Wristbands for Cool DIY Crafts!

Times are green, and breathing new life into unlikely old objects is hot. Repurposing recyclables to create something cool and functional is not just great fun. It can also be great business. Tyvek Event Wristbands are among those unlikely craft supplies. Reusing wristbands gathered and saved from events, you can create wallets, key chains, jewelry, and even artwork. Creating something new from Event Wristbands saves the energy it would take to recycle them (or keeps them out of the trash) while adding flair to your style or to your living room!

*  From Wristband to Wallet: Wallets and purses made from a variety of odd materials are ending up as progressive trendy accessories. Wallets are being made from plastic bags, old public transit cards, and even old stationary, like greeting cards. Event Wristbands are another great and durable material to use to create wallets. Tyvek is strong enough to withstand the test of time and use, plus this material creates something that works as a trendy conversation starter. The easiest way to create such a wallet would be to figure out a weave that will be aesthetically pleasing and work to hold the wallet together. The backing can be as simple as colored duct tape, which binds the outside of the wallet: a weave you’ve created from your variety of saved wristbands.

*  From Wristband to Jewels: You can even roll and cut the wristbands to a desired size to create unique and trendy jewelry. Earrings or even a keychain are especially good ideas if you have only a few saved event wristbands since they don’t require as much material as a wallet or even a clutch purse. With only a couple wristbands, you can create enough Tyvek beads to make a nice pair of earrings or other charms. While adding style to your outfit, they also act as keepsake reminders of music festivals and other events you have attended. And if you and a group of friends go to a music festival, creating things from your wristbands afterward lets you extend the fun you have had at the festival.

*  From Wristband to Hanging Artwork: Using an inexpensive canvas, paper, or even repurposed wood, you can create hanging artwork out of your Event Wristband. Be creative in composing the piece, feeling free to cut the wristband into shapes or lines. Tyvek can be glued, sewed, or attached with most types of adhesive.

*  From Wristband to Sculpture: If freestanding art is more your thing, you can also use the wristbands to build sculptural pieces that will act as conversation-starters in your living room. Cut them up into organic shapes to create a modern flower arrangement, or make something abstract. Making a sculpture will give your reuse of the wristbands a more dimensional, interactive quality that is also trendy and wholly unique.

Reusing your event wristbands gives you an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, stay green, and create an instant keepsake of a variety of events you have attended. Having a get-together with friends to repurpose the wristbands is another fun way to breathe new life into a one-time-use object. It’s cool to be green.