Customizable color wristbands can make your business’s or organization’s regular events to boost teamwork among employees more fun and efficient. Need to divide employees into different groups for corporate team building exercises? Color-coded and individually numbered Event Wristbands make it a cinch. You can create large groups of odds or evens (or, if your group is mathematically inclined, using more complicated functions) and smaller groups based on a random distribution of colors. Just order as many different colors as you need groups and ask each participant to choose a wristband. Or, pass out the wristbands yourself if you want to create your own groups.

Here’s an example of one team-building exercise to kick off the festivities.

Begin with a selection of colored Event Wristbands: each participant gets a color, and each color becomes a team. For this exercise, you will also need several large ropes with different types of knots tied throughout (maybe 4 knots per rope). The object will be to untie each knot, and the team to do so first will win. But this is the main task, be sure to utilize the wristbands throughout the event to create a variety of team-building exercises.

*  Colored Wristbands as the First Step to Team-Building: When you begin with colored wristbands, you’ll be able to easily identify each group by color. To make it even more unique and fun, let the first team exercise be coming up with a team name using the assigned color. For example, a red team may decide to call themselves the “red roses” and a green team may call themselves the “green giants,” and so on. In addition to a team name using the color, they can also design a logo for their team. This can even be done before an event at an office meeting, in which case, team names and logos can be printed on the Event Wristbands in advance, for greater team cohesion.

*  The Best Name and Design: You’ll want a panel of judges to declare the winners of the exercises. Points can be awarded in advance for winning designs and team names. Some companies will randomly choose their panelists, or you can wrangle some supervisors for the task, whichever is more fitting to your event. The judges will have to come to a consensus in choosing the winner of the name and design on the wristband, so this, too, will require teamwork on the part of the judges.

*  After the Winning Design is Unanimously Chosen: After the winning team for design and name on the wristband is chosen by the panel, that team will be permitted to choose which of the knotted ropes they will untie. The rope, therefore, should comprise a diverse variety of knots of difficulty. The winning team’s prize is the power to, as a team, figure out which rope has the knots that they would mostly easily untie. The remaining teams can be assigned to other ropes by the panel of judges, or, if ranking has been assigned to the previous contests, let that determine the order.

*  Untying the Knots: After the team with the winning wristband design and team name chooses their rope, the teams will begin to untie the knots. Teamwork and communication is imperative in untying the knots in the rope, so it is a very good exercise for communication and teamwork. The first team to successfully untie all of the knots in their rope will win the exercise. Depending on the event, prizes will be awarded to the team who finishes first.

Of course, that’s only one exercise. Once you’ve used your Event Wristbands to divide your company into groups, the day’s work has just begun. There are plenty of team-building exercises to help you create cohesion and unity.

Exercises like this require teamwork and communication, just as the design and team name on the customized wristbands requires strong teamwork and communication. This exercise can be adapted to a variety of businesses and organization employing team-building exercises at an event.