With today’s technology, the plain old, numbered raffle ticket has become a thing of the past. It’s now easy and inexpensive to produce vibrant, unique custom printed tickets that can give a charity raffle the extra kick it needs to be memorable.

Putting It Together

There are a number of important elements to Raffle Tickets. Some can be used to jazz up the tickets, while others are essential for success. While there are templates that will allow you to create tickets quickly, don’t pass up the opportunity to have fun with your designs!

The keys to putting together a Raffle Ticket are:

  • Image
    A quality image that relates to the theme of your event can really give a raffle the extra kick it needs to be memorable, and these days not much more than your imagination can limit what you choose to use!
  • Text
    It seems obvious that the name of the event would be the text on the ticket, but catchy quotes or marketing slogans work to keep the focus of the event front and center.
  • Serial #
    If the two items above are the flash of a Raffle Ticket, then this is the substance. You can have a successful raffle without the numbers!
  • Line
    On the surface, placing a line on your Raffle Ticket probably doesn’t seem to make much sense. But having a spot where someone can write on the ticket can be useful, particularly if you have a guest of honor who might offer autographs.
  • Barcode
    Ah, yes, if the serial # is the bones of a Raffle Ticket, then the barcode is the heart. Thankfully, you can play with placement and, to a lesser extent, size.

The End Result

Consider all the possibilities that can come from each of these elements! Creating custom Raffle Tickets has never been easier, so feel free to let your imagination run wild and come up with the perfect complement to your event!