You’re planning a big event, and obviously, you want it to be well-attended. What you do have are great idea and good intentions. What you don’t have is an army of marketing professionals, graphic designers and corporate backers to provide you with well-research, slickly designed promotional materials.You have a vision, but you’re not so sure about collateral design or professionally printing event tickets.Your experience or your funds may be lacking, but you still want to pull off a solid event that delivers.

Establish a Web Presence!

·       Create a Central Online Location — It can be as simple as a free Facebook ( event page,  or it can be a more complex,  professionally designed website.  Here you can post essential information about your occasion and provide links to registration, and once you print event tickets, you can share information about where to purchase them. When your event is over, you can continue to share pictures and details, as well begin planning next year’s brilliant affair.

·       Take Advantage of Free Advertising—Event promotion sites are a great way to advertise for free. Sites like Eventful (, Upcoming ( and Zvents ( are great places start. You can list your event and its details and make it easier for potential attendees to find.

·       Keep Your Online Information Up-to-Date—A Twitter Account ( or a simple blog can give you the ability to post breaking news, links to your website,  and allow you to interact with potential attendees. Let attendees know right away when you print event tickets for them to purchase, sign new sponsors  or announce special guests.

·       Create an Online Buzz—Get family, friends and colleagues to post and share links to your event. Use the power of social networking to help you sell event tickets!

Branch Out into the Real World


·       Press Releases—A well-written press release is an excellent way to draw attention to your occasion. Share it with local news outlets and interest groups,  and post it to your website and other online sources.

·       Face to Face Networking—Contact professional groups and constituencies that you know would be interested in your plans. They may be a great source of ideas, sponsorship and attendees. If you forge a strong partnership with an interested group, they may even offer to help with some costs related to your event, like venue rental or help you print event tickets.

Choose Professional Collateral


The caliber of your event will be reflected in the real world promotional materials you choose. If you’re not a marketing professional or graphic designer, the task can seem daunting. One solution is to work with a vendor to help with printing event tickets. Sites like Eventgroove (Eventgroove) offer event ticket printing services. You can browse through galleries of themed designs and choose one that fits your vision. A nice feature of sites like these is that they offer customization. Through the use of event ticket templates, you can add details specific to your event, so the design you choose won’t seem like it’s a cookie cutter solution.

A big advantage of choosing event collateral and printing event tickets through services such as these is that you’ve eliminated the need to hire someone to design your promotional materials or plan your campaign. You can simply choose your design, fill out the event ticket template and wait for your promotional materials to arrive. This saves you money and frees up your time, so you can focus your energy on planning your event.