tyvek wristbandsPrint Wristbands for the Best Event Security

Wristbands are a common event accessory in today’s world. They are typically part of any concert-goer’s wardrobe. Whether you’re planning to attend a multi-day music festival, or just a one-night show, chances are when you hand over your ticket at the gate, the security guard is going to give you a wristband to wear while you’re at the venue.

Music fans and festival attendees are rather accustomed to wearing wristbands these days. They are even known to hold on to music wristbands as a souvenir, wearing them long after the event is over. A badge of honor for attending such a powerful event. Since wristbands are a simple and inexpensive way for event organizers to manage an influx of people at any event, these little identifiers have become more than widespread.

Many event planners already know that the best way to increase security at an event is to have a fast, easy way to identify each guest.

So, if you’ve made that all-important decision to print wristbands for your event, the next question is, what kind of wristbands will you print?

Hologram, Stubbed, and Vinyl Wristbands, Oh My!

Choosing the right kind of wristband for your event shouldn’t be difficult. But it’s important to pick a design that will not only fit the parameters of your event (outdoor/indoor, single-day/multi-day) but will also display your brand in an effective, positive way.

Below we highlight three types of wristbands that can help keep your event secure.

1) Hologram Wristbands

These flashy bracelets will serve as the best event security you can find in a wristband. Made out of Tyvek, these wristbands feature tamper-proof adhesive tabs and an easy-to-spot, unique hologram. The holographic foil label is difficult to duplicate and provides easy and fast identification.

Durable security wristbands with hologram prevent counterfeiting while looking sharp with your image and message. They’re printed on long-lasting Tyvek®, making them great for all-weather and multi-day events. Choose your holographic wristband from among the templates here, or we can custom design one for you!

2) Stubbed Wristbands

If numbering your event attendees is the top priority, then these wristbands will not only get the job done, as each one features a sequentially numbered stub, they’ll do it in style. Choose a unique color for your wristband, and a different color for the stub!

These wristbands make it easy to quickly identify ticket buyers, age groups, and streamline ingress/egress. They are printed on durable long-lasting Tyvek® with a unique stub on each wristband.

 3) Vinyl Wristbands

These tough cookies won’t come off once they’ve been attached, and they provide great security for multi-day and outdoor events. Different from Tyvek Hologram and Stubbed Wristbands, Vinyl Wristbands are made out of polypropylene, which is even MORE durable than Tyvek. Vinyl Wristbands are also printed with a thermal printer to provide a higher resolution and more clarity, so your text and image will look cleaner.

Use your vinyl wristbands for easy guest identification, age verification, or as VIP/backstage passes. We offer two types of vinyl wristbands: VinylTough®: waterproof, very durable, good for multiday events and VinylGo®: durable, good for 1-day use.

Make the right choice for your event, and find a wristband that will suit each guest perfectly, while keeping them identified securely. Shop all Custom Tyvek® Wristbands here.

If none of our wristband templates match your needs, we’re happy to create the custom wristbands you envision! LiveChat or call 888.771.0809 our customer service team and we’ll whip up a custom design in a few day.

Why Tyvek®? Learn what makes this material ideal for event wristbands in our blog article, Why Tyvek® Wristbands?.