Event Badges Increase Security at Sports Tournaments

When you’re responsible for a group of kids that aren’t your own, it’s important to keep track of everyone. Parents can be very protective over their children, especially when the children are young. Even in today’s world with cell phones and all the extra security that goes along with them, it is still possible to gain a straggler who doesn’t belong to the group, or worse, lose track of a child that does belong.

Keep an Updated Roster

At a sports tournament, there can be a lot of kids running around from all over the state (or even the country if the tournament is national). Many different teams may gather to battle for first place, depending on what kind of tournament is in play. The first step necessary to keep track of your team is to keep an updated roster (or list of names) of everyone who needs to be accounted for.

Identify Each Person

During the tournament, it’s not possible to constantly call out the name of every kid on your team in order to make sure they are still there. Besides, that would be exhausting and, quite honestly, silly. What you can do instead is to print event badges that have each name printed clear as day, right on the badge. That way you can identify each kid almost instantly, just by glancing at their badge. On that note, some schools have already started to use event badges for added security at home base.

Check and Re-Check

Printing event badges for each child on your team to wear will help decrease the risk of losing track of any member of the team. You will also be able to quickly notice if someone who doesn’t belong joins the crew. They will, of course, be missing their unique badge. Event badges can be printed to include almost any unique design or logo. That means that even if another team of kids is wearing event badges to identify themselves, your team’s event badges will be printed specifically for only your school, division or town.

Print individual event badges to help keep track of your team amid the masses at a sports tournament. These name tags are versatile and made out of weather-resistant materials, which make them convenient to reuse for added security at the next tournament, too. The team even has options on how to wear them, either by using a bulldog clip or a lanyard. All in all, event badges are an easy way to boost security for the whole team.